The group 'Fabrieken van Apparaten voor de Chemische Industrie(GCA)' (manufacturers of apparatus for the chemical industry) is a branche organisation of the Vereniging FME-CWM, the association of enterprises in the metal, electric and electronic industry. The enterprises, affiliated to the GCA, are highly qualified with a year-long experience in the production of apparatus for the chemical industry and related sectors. The production of these enterprises fully meets the quality standards and the most modern manufacturing techniques are used. Automated production control systems and the most modern drafting and designing programmes have been introduced on a large scale. The enterprises, affiliated to the GCA, are all specialised in one or more sectors of the process industry. This specialisation can be found in enterprises which produce pressure vessels, heat exchangers, tanks, reactors and many other apparatus according to the valid standards and regulations. Other enterprises are specialised in the engineering and manufacturing of apparatus according to their own design, such as special filters, drying-installations and cooling towers. An important part of the production is destined for export. The products find their way all over the world. The manufacturers are used to working in accordance with the wide range of international regulations and products requirements. In the domain of quality, efficiency and reliability, they belong to the best in the world.