Array Industries B.V.

Array Industries B.V.
Hoogeveenenweg 29

2913 LV  Nieuwerkerk a/d IJssel

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Company Profile


Array Industries is an SME founded in 1990. Array Industries has a current staff of 35 employees. We are ISO9001, VCA** and NEN EN ISO 3834/2 certified.

Our activities are based on the field of engineering, manufacturing and service.

Our engineering activities embrace disciplines as FEM, CFD, Code calculations, a huge experience in stack and exhaust gas calculations with the additional materials applications included and 3D engineering.  Our engineers are not only  used to make the design but are also used to produce the work shop drawings because we produce most of the designed products in our shop.

Our manufacturing capacities start with knowledge of welding. We employ our own IWE (international welding engineer) and several  IWI’s (international welding inspector). We have certified welders for a number of materials like various types of stainless steel and carbons steel and special heat resistant materials like 253MA. Our shop is well equipped with modern computerized machines and crane facilities. Our specialties are to be found in the field of rolling plates and the manufacturing of skid based modules.

In addition to the manufacturing capacities we are able to install our projects worldwide according to the local safety and environmental regulations. We have experience in several countries in Europe but also in Russia and Canada. Our experienced teams are well motivated to achieve a save installation in the shortest time possible.