WLT Liquid & Gas loading Technology B.V.

WLT Liquid & Gas loading Technology B.V.
Transportstraat 18-20
Postbus 24
2820 AA Stolwijk
Phone +31 (0)182-354440
Fax +31 (0)182-354480
Email mail@wlt.nl
Website www.wlt.nl

Company profile

Lid_wltWLT Liquid & Gas Loading Technology supplies loading equipment for loading and unloading liquids and gasses into tank trucks, railcars and tank vessels. Our products are supplied to Oil Refineries, Petrochemical Industry, Chemical Industry, Food Industry and Pharmaceutical Industry.

Located near to Rotterdam, one of the largest Oil and Chemical Processing and Distribution ports in the world, WLT Liquid & Gas Loading Technology has long term experience in a wide range of applications. The company has a well established reputation in this high demanding market.

For the last couple of years WLT Liquid & Gas Loading Technology has been very successful in exporting their knowledge as well, resulting in expansion of the activities in Europe, Asia, Middle East region and the former Soviet Union countries.

WLT Liquid & Gas Loading Technology can provide the full range of services as required by their clients, being:

  • Basic Design and Detail Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Installation and Supervision on site
  • Maintenance and Spare Parts
  • Refurbishment and Repair