FIB Industries B.V.

FIB Industries B.V.

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Company profile

We are a fabricator of pressure- and process containing equipment constructed from stainless and nickel alloy materials and which usually form a critical part of a process installation.

Typical equipment include:



-Reactor Internals (for hydro-processing technology)

-Column Internals

-Industrial Burners (Gasification and LowNox)

-Oxygen Mixing Nozzles

-Plate packs

-Flare tips

-Columns (fully dressed, including internals)


-Heat Exchangers

Our customers are OEM’s, EPC Contractors and Plant Owners and we deliver our products on a global basis. Major market segment is in downstream processing (chemical and oil and gas).

Our design and construction is carried out in accordance with the most common international codes, such as PED, ASME VIII, AD-2000, PD 5500, RToD (Stoomwezen), CODAP, API 620, API 650 and BS 2654, KIWA and GB-160 (China). We are certified to ISO 9001:2000 (general), ASME U/R-Stamp, HP-0 (TUV), SQL (China Manufacturers License) and we are authorized to issue CE certification.

Area of expertise: