Speciaal Roestvrijstaal Industrie BV

Speciaal Roestvrijstaal Industrie BV
De Zwette 30a
Postbus 15
9269 ZR Veenwouden
Phone +31 (0)511-473955
Fax +31 (0)511-475351
Email info@sri.nl
Website www.sri.nl

Company profile

Lid_sriCompany Activities

SRI bv is operational in the field of engineering and fabrication of various apparatus to the highest standards destined for the (fine) chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, bio-medical research and petro-chemical industry.

Thanks to the award of various certificates equipment is exported to numerous clients all over the world.

SRI has supplied parts of petro-chemical installation from piping, columns, pressure vessels to heat exchangers to nearly all well known petro-chemical plants in the world.

The SRI employees are familiar with these big process equipment: shell rolling up to 5 m diameter, welding with automatic UP-welding machine, mounting a 5.000 tube heat exchanger and so more.

SRI disposes of the experience, the equipment and the facilities to build big items. Road transport and transport by barge does not restrict the volume.

The SRI expertise:

  1. - Specialized strength and fatigue calculations

- Familiarity with special demands of the petro-chemical multi-nationals

- Current experience in welding Hasteloy®, Incoloy®, Monel®, Titanium, etc.

- In-house equipment and machines for efficient production with short lead-times

- Site project engineer and mounting team available for on-site activities.