Bronswerk Heat Transfer B.V.

Bronswerk Heat Transfer B.V.
Stationsweg 22
Postbus 92
3860 AB Nijkerk
Phone +31 (0)33-2472500
Fax +31 (0)33-2452338

Company profile

Lid_bronswerkBronswerk Heat Transfer BV is one of the few companies in the Netherlands that designs and builds:

  • Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers
  • Air-cooled coolers
  • Special Air-cooled condensers
  • A-frame condensers
  • Heaters
  • Equipment for the Power- or Gas Industry
  • Special Process and Product Equipment
  • Pocess Air for Industrial application

Amongst others we also be of service with turnkey design such as Regasification Systems, Heat Transfer Recovery Systems, Pressure Vessels, Assembling Skid and Moduls.
The industry sets extremely strict requirements regarding the production and quality of heat exchangers and air-cooled cooling systems. Bronswerk Heat Transfer's strength lies in the field of heat exchangers, especially where it concerns the manufacture and design of heat exchangers