Expansor Nederland B.V.

Expansor Nederland B.V.
Industrieweg 5
Postbus 88
7070 AB Ulft
Phone +31 (0)315-630660
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Email expansor@expansor.nl
Website www.expansor.nl

Company profile

Lid_expansorExpansor Europe is a successful and the only company in the Netherlands who designs, builds and repairs. Specific tailor-made expansion joints.

In the process industry and more specific in the market of heat exchangers Expansor Europe plays a prominent role. Especially the maintenance services in the chemical and petrochemical industries do associate Expansor Europe as the reliable partner who is able to respond and to act adequately in case of an emergency against an undisputed ‘controlled’ and excellent quality. Just in time. Cost effective. And if required under the construction codes such as ASME, E.J.M.A, AD-Merkblätter, or DRPV (Stoomwezen).

As a result of this successful performance Expansor will continue to grow and will become more and more the prescribed and/or preferred supplier for the OEM business in case of small series and very special tailor-made expansion joints.

Expansor Europe uses the hydro form technique to manufacture expansion joints that results in high reproducibility, close fabrication tolerances and superb quality. In the technique of hydro forming of most kinds of metals Expansor Europe is one of the leading companies in Europe.

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