Mechanical Contracting Limburg B.V.

Mechanical Contracting Limburg B.V.
Haaskoul 3-7
Postbus 55
6121 JN Born
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Company profile

Lid_mclimburgAmbitious, vigorous and customer related:
MCL provides a fully industrial service for the chemical-, energy-, oil & gas industry. Our customers are industrial companies, mechanical contractors, and engineering contractors in the Netherlands and the surrounding foreign countries. Maintenance projects and shutdowns demand all-round equipment services which we provide. Decisive in this matter is our attitude. Our expertise and professional knowledge stand on equal level with the importance which we attach to on time delivery, flexibility, reliability and an outlook for solutions.

Quality and flexibility are at an utmost importance for MCL. Therefore we try to execute most of the activities by our selves. Our engineering department works out the equipment designs according to the applying (inter)national codes. Almost all activities are executed in our own workshop. In this workshop skilled workmen handle un-alloyed, low- and high alloyed materials according to the specifications.

Solving and preventing technical failure:
MCL provides quick and to the point solutions. 24 Hours and 7 days a week availability of general assembly and service is standard for us. Dismantling, replacement, repair and erection are carried out by us rapidly and professionally. Herewith we take our responsibility as an experienced partner. This means , amongst others, that based on our findings we present a proposal for the modifications. After all it is in your and our interest that your installation functions optimal with minimum failure.

Of a company such as MCL you expect up to date expertise and professional knowledge. We are ISO 9001, VCA **, AD-M-HPO and WHG certified and are familiar to work with the most occurred inspection authorities.