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Jongia N.V.
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Partnership for tailor-made solutions.

Jongia are experts in the engineering and manufacturing of stirring and mixing equipment for applications in the chemical, petrochemical, pharmachemical and food & beverage processing industries. Over sixty years of experience, extensive knowledge and maximum involvement have resulted in Jongia building a reputation as an innovative supplier of first class mixing equipment.

For many well known clients Jongia is a flexible partner with a reputation of being customner orientated. High quality, durability, environmentally and maintenance friendly and above all tailor- made equipment are the design criteria. In synergy with the client, Jongia strives to achieve the ultimate solution to the process requirements put forward. Any questions arising from specialized applications can be answered by carrying out research under optimum conditions.

In the chemical and petrochemical industry Jongia is the ideal partner to provide refined solutions. The production program includes, amongst many others, systems for emulsifying, blending, polymerization, crystallization, heat transfer, gas dispersion.

Jongia can meet the most extreme requirements concerning emission values, shaft alignment, tolerances and rotational accuracy. Robust and reliable, the HD type mixer is a perfect example of Jongia’s ingenuity when it comes to combining durability and cost efficiency, providing maximum performance at minimum power input.

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