Schelde Exotech

Schelde Exotech Koningsweg 2

4381 NA Vlissingen

Postbus 531 4380 AM Vlissingen
Phone +31 (0)118-485901 Email Website

Company profile

All round supplier of high quality components in special materials Schelde Exotech bv was founded in 1998. It is based on more than 50 years of experiences of AKF, Schelde MT-products and Schelde Boiler Division.

Schelde Exotech specializes, taking advantage of the specific knowledge of exotic materials and special production technologies within our company, in the manufacturing of special products for the defence industry, space industries, enrichment plants, scientific institutes, universities, chemical industry and energy generating industries.

Schelde Exotech will also perform repairs and replacements of equipment and provide services for installations and components for above mentioned industries and institutes. Schelde Exotech offers her clients engineering, manufacturing, maintenance and repair by a team of specialists using modern production technologies in conditioned workshops.

Schelde Exotech supplies products and services, which comply with the highest requirements and quality. Round the clock service is self-evident. Reliability is the motive. Expertise is the power. Schelde Exotech puts at your disposal the profound knowledge and experience of many years of her specialists for research, advice and cooperation. Schelde Exotech grows together with the scientific and technological developments. Schelde Exotech offers high quality for competitive prices and continuously monitors the interest of her customers.

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