Hollandia Systems BV

Hollandia Systems BV
Glasweg 6
4794 TB Heijningen

P.O. Box 60
4793 ZH Fijnaart

Phone +31 (0) 167 507100
Fax +31 (0) 167 522270
Email info@hollandiasystems.nl
Website www.hollandiasystems.nl

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Hollandia Systems is a leading manufacturing company, focussed on fabricating custom made installations, process equipment and steel structures.

The products of Hollandia Systems are developed for use by Clients in Offshore, Chemical, and Process Industries and in Water Treatment Facilities.

The Company’s versatile production equipment, combined with the skilled specialists within Hollandia Systems ensure that a broad range of products can be developed and assembled in-house. This enables the Company to achieve very short lead-times, even for the bigger and more complex projects.

Hollandia Systems is situated in Heijningen, no more than a half hour drive from Rotterdam or Antwerp. The Company’s manufacturing facility has direct access to deep water, with its own Jetty and roll-on/roll-of ramp. This ability to receive sea-going vessels allows straightforward transportation of bigger installations by ship.

The products are manufactured under the supervision of Hollandia Systems’ QA/QC Department. Hollandia Systems designs, calculates, drafts and manufactures to a range of international codes and, when required, under the supervision of third party or Client’s own inspection services.

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Mechanical Engineering and Construction

Hollandia Systems designs and manufactures full self-supporting installations, skid or module mounted, for Offshore, Petrochemical and Process Industries. Ranging from small units to complete factories, our specialists ensure a high-quality product, meeting the strict requirements of our Clients.

Hollandia Systems specializes in high standard welding work. Welding of carbon steels, low alloy steels as well as stainless steels, is performed in the factory. Stainless steels are processed in a separated area, specially equipped for this purpose.

Equipment Construction

The manufacturing of high-pressure vessels, tanks and burners is specialist work, performed by highly qualified professionals. Hollandia Systems has many long-lasting relationships with both customers and suppliers in this field, enabling the Company to combine consistent high quality with maximum efficiency.

Pipe Work

For our projects in Equipment Construction and Mechanical Installations, the ability to design and manufacture various types of piping systems for fluids and gasses is vitally important. The capabilities of Hollandia Systems enable the Company to produce both simple piping systems as well as complex, high demanding projects for the Oil and Gas Industries.

A broad range of ventilation and piping systems for the exhaust and supply of gaseous products can be designed and made-to-measure by Hollandia Systems. In this field too, the necessity for craftsmanship is met, ensuring accurate transformation of the raw materials to the forms needed for these products

Water Treatment Facilities

Hollandia Systems has a long record of successful projects in the manufacturing and supply of water treatment systems. As the Dutch agent for, amongst others, Passavant-Geiger, the Company is able to offer high-end systems, fully in compliance with industry standards. The manufacturing of steel structures, piping and equipment is executed in our own workshop. The dedicated mechanical engineers of the Company are capable of mounting and commissioning these installations on site.

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